Who is Technigrafic Solutions?
We are an independent marketing and advertising company established in 1993. The contact tracing app developer and their data analytics provider contacted us to help market the contact tracing app and provide them with business referrals. We never interact with the contacting employer beyond the introduction to the App designers and their affiliate. We will provide full disclosure of the App developers upon mutual interest and referral.
What does the contact tracing app do?
The App is designed to help contain the spread of COVID-19 in workplaces and at educational institutions. The App automates traditional contact tracing, quickly notifying users if they have come into close contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19, which allows those users to take immediate and appropriate safety measures, such as remaining at home, to break the chain of transmission.
What is contact tracing and how does it work?
Traditional contact tracing is a tool used by public health officials to trace the spread of an infectious disease. It involves isolating an infected individual and then interviewing that individual to determine who may have come into contact with him/her, and then notifying those contacts of their exposure. Traditional contact tracing is a manual, labor-intensive, and imperfect process, as it relies on the memories of individuals. The “App” automates and perfects traditional contact tracing, utilizing real-time data and digital messaging to notify those who came into contact with an infected individual of their probable exposure, as soon as the next day.
How does the app work?
Employers and educational institutions can purchase the contact tracing App for use with all of their employees and/or students. As “App Users,” employees/students will download the “App” on their phones, create accounts, and can use their accounts to perform a variety of functions, such as uploading their daily health information, requesting personal protective equipment, reporting if they have tested positive for COVID-19, and participating in contact tracing.

Upon downloading the App, App Users will be asked to enable location services. When they do so, the App will collect their real time geo-locational data when they are on work/school premises (as defined in advance with the employer/educational institution). When an App User reports that he or she has tested positive for COVID-19, the App will determine the other App Users (“Secondary Contacts”) who were in close proximity to the infected individuals and will notify those Secondary Contacts (all while protecting the confidentiality of the infected individual).

How is my data being tracked?
Upon an App User’s consent, the App collects GPS (lat/long) data from App Users’ devices while App Users are on work or school premises. App User’s location is NOT tracked outside of your employer’s / educational institution’s premises. Future iterations of the app may use a combination of Bluetooth and GPS (lat/long) for contact tracing.
How is my privacy being protected?
The privacy of App Users is important to us, so we have worked to protect it in a number of ways.

First, you control the input of your personally identifiable information. Once inputted, your information is protected through data encryption. All personally identifiable information is kept in our closed and protected loop.

If an App User tests positive for COVID-19, his/her identity will not be shared with Secondary Contacts. Only the designated HR or health official at the App User’s employer/school will know the identity of individuals who have tested positive so that the employer/school can speak with those individuals about safety measures the individual needs to take before returning to work/school.

Each App User will have to make an explicit choice to turn on location services and activate the collection of location data to enable contact tracing. It can also be turned off by an App User at any time (although this will inhibit contact tracing).

Location data will only be collected from App Users’ devices when App Users are at work or on campus.

If you share your location data with us, this data is anonymized and never tied to an individual’s name or personally identifying information. Location data and movement history will never be shared with one’s employer or educational institution. Only the App developers and their respective data analysis partner will have access to the anonymized location data, and it will only be used for contact tracing services. Upon the completion of those services, it will be destroyed.

What information is being given to my employer?
The App is designed to help employers and educational institutions maintain a safe environment for their employees and students. Therefore, a few, designated human resources officers or other point persons at your employer/school will have access to your health information, including whether you have tested positive for COVID-19. This will allow those designated officials to speak with you, as necessary, about things like sick leave, medical care, and steps you need to take to safely return to work or school.

While your employer will have access to the health information you input into the App, your employer will NOT have access to your location data. This is an important feature of App, designed to protect your privacy.

Will my data be shared with anyone besides my employer, such as public health officials?

The App developer and their data analysis partner will not share your data with any third parties.

Whether your health data, such as a positive COVID-19 test, is shared with public health officials will be determined by your employer or educational institution.

Academic researchers may be provided de-identified data by the App developer or data analyis provider, for the purpose of studies relating to public health and other areas of research.

Am I required to download the app?
No; your employer or educational institution, however, may require App installation before you are permitted to return to work or school.
Why should I use the app?
Your participation with the App protects you, your family, and your colleagues. As a user of the App, you can receive fast, reliable notification if you have come into close contact with someone infected by COVID-19. This allows you to take quick, protective measures, such as isolating yourself from your family and friends, to help ensure you do not unintentionally spread the disease to them. You can also help protect your colleagues and their family and friends. If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, the App will notify those who have come into close contact with you (while keeping your identity confidential). This will allow your colleagues to take appropriate steps to slow the spread both in the workplace and in their own homes. The bottom line: the App can save lives, but it requires the participation of you and others in your workplace or campus.

In addition to contact tracing what other things does the App do to help fight COVID-19?

The App allows your employer or school to update employees/students on new policies and procedures put in place to combat the virus. It also allows employees/students to self report symptoms and to request PPE from their employers/schools so they may stay protected.

Can I use some functions in app but opt out of location tracking?
Yes; you can disable location services at any time. Please note that employers/school officials are notified when you turn off location services, and depending on the employer’s or school’s policies, this may impact the types of roles you can perform and/or your ability to return to work or campus.
If I change my mind, can I uninstall the app and delete all data that it collected?
Yes, you are free to delete the App at any time, and your private information will be purged. Please note: the App allows your employer/educational institution to see which employee/students are using the App and which are not, including which employees/students have opted not to share their location data.
I live in California and want to have the app and their data affiliate and delete my data. What's the process?
You can simply delete the app from your phone. The data analytics provider adheres to all federal and state privacy laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”). For California consumers, as defined by the CCPA, the data anaytics provider provides an Addendum to its Privacy Policy, as well as a request form to delete your personal information. Upon consideration to do business, Technigrafic Solutions, Inc. will provide a link to the App designers and data analytics provider’s Privacy Policies.
How accurate is GPS data collection?
The App utilizes GPS data collection for the purposes of occupational contact tracing, and the accuracy can vary depending on buildings, what floor you are on, GPS satellite positioning, battery life, etc. We target for within 3 meters though for correlation.
Why is the app using GPS data collection?
The App utilizes GPS data collection for the purposes of supporting employers and educational institutions in performing contact tracing on work or school premises and quickly identifying people that may have had contact with a COVID-19 carrier. It is not used for any other purposes.
I have heard that GPS data collection is less accurate inside of buildings - is this true?
While this can be true, it is not always true. It essentially works like the mapping apps on your phone — when you first open the app, the blue circle is bigger, until it gets data from more satellites and narrows your location down to just the blue dot that is you. Depending on your location in a building, it may take longer to narrow down your location. For example, if you are in a deep cement basement, it may not find any satellites, and therefore have no signal, or only one signal and be less accurate. We account for this fact by capturing an accuracy rating from your phone (essentially how precise it thinks it is based on number of satellites etc) for each GPS data collection.
Can the app contact trace for other illnesses in addition to COVID-19?
While the App could be used to track other infectious diseases, it is currently only set to trace COVID-19.
What types of mobile devices can be used with the app?
The App works on the vast majority of smartphones products, including devices that run Apple IOS and Android.
Is the app available outside of the United States?
No; the App is currently only available within the United States and its territories.
Does the app let me know if I was exposed to a customer at my workplace who is positive with coronavirus?
No; contact tracing can only be performed with App Users within a given organization. Individuals outside of the organization are not being tracked, as they do not have the App.
Can I use the app for other members of my family?
The App is not meant for individual or family use; it is intended to be used for clients/students of organizations that partner with the App providers.
What is the minimum size of business that should use contact tracing?
We recommend this tool be used for organizations of 200 or more employees.
Is there a maximum size business that can use the contact tracing app?
No; the App is designed to be scalable to organizations of any size.
What is the difference between using GPS vs. Bluetooth for contact tracing?
Bluetooth is short range by nature (usually up to 30 ft), and only operates in real time as users come into contact with other users. Bluetooth Contact Tracing offers no insight into geographic location or hotspots. It only works on more recent versions of smartphones, leaving roughly 1/3 of global smartphones incompatible with Bluetooth contact tracing tools.

Alternatively, GPS is accurate to the millimeter and allows contact tracers to understand when multiple users were in close proximity to each other. Every GPS ping is timestamped allowing contact tracing to occur even after a user leaves an area, considering COVID-19 can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. For these reasons, GPS is widely considered to be the gold standard for contact tracing.

What are the chances of false positives or negatives with the app?
The App is a contact tracing tool, to assist in the identification of COVID-19 exposure. But the tool’s effectiveness depends on how it is used by App Users. For example: you may receive a false positive if you walk by someone’s phone left on a desk. Alternatively, sometimes people don’t have their phone with them or may accidentally turn off the App, which would prevent accurate contact tracing. The App is a waning device that enables you and your employer/school to identify if you have a likelihood of exposure and then react accordingly. The App is not a substitute for social distancing, using appropriate PPE, and following other workplace, state, local, and federal guidelines to minimize your risk of exposure to COVID-19.
Will the app providers sell my data from this tool to other parties?
No; as stated in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, your data will not be sold to any third parties.
Who from my company will have access to my information?
Each company is a little different but this data will only be available to authorized administrators on the App. In addition, your employer or school will NEVER be provided your precise location data.
I don't have a smartphone; can I still use the app?
Since our App is built upon smartphone technology, the tracing tool won’t work if the user doesn’t have a smartphone.
My company doesn't offer the app. Can I download it for personal use?
The App is a tool offered to employers or educational institutions. Therefore, you are not currently able to access the App without being provisioned access from your employer/school.
Isn't the government doing contact tracing? Why does my employer need to do it as well?
Some state and local governments have been attempting to implement contact tracing initiatives but not every state or municipality is doing so. As a result of disparate contact tracing efforts across the country, employers are taking their own steps to ensure that their workplace is safe for employees to return to work.
What is the onboarding process for client rosters?

We have integrations with numerous HR and payroll software including:

  1. Peoplesoft
  2. Workday
  3. ADP
  4. SAP

For those that don’t have one of these systems, the customer would just need to put their personnel rosters in an CSV format on an FTP site. We then use an SFTP, S3 bucket, or whatever secure data transfer method they prefer, to integrate their roster. From there the App assigns each user a unique RedeKey, creates the client’s network, and provides the client with user RedeKeys and the network name for their team to onboard.

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